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Five Ways Technology is Changing the Tile Industry

Advances in technology are driving significant changes within the tile industry, two partners of a Melbourne based tile distribution firm say. EARP Bros partners Luca Costanza and Andrew Gordon outlined a number of developments which are affecting both the industry and the way tiles are being used – most of which are being driven by technical advances in manufacturing processes. You can read the full article at Read More Here

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SD Yelp Review

OK, so I haven’t bought the tile yet, but I just want to give a shout out to Ivan, the Sales Rep.  He took time with me, taught me about floor tile and design, countertop materials.  He wandered around the store with me and my floor samples.  He remembered my name and my ideas when I came in for a second visit.  He’s great.  A kitchen renovation can feel so overwhelming.  I walked in fearing that I was going to spend a ton of money and end up with something that I didn’t like.  After two 20 minute meetings with Ivan, I am certain that I have something that I will love.

-Miranda H.